For me, story is key. I come from a long line of excellent storytellers ; people who can make you laugh, ponder, and cry, and I continue this tradition through my filmmaking. From the flickering fire to the glow of the smart TV, it's the ritual of gathering together to hear stories that allows us to reflect on and understand our humanity.

Although I love to get on the road and direct, produce, and often pick up the camera in the field (I began my career as a DP), I am also a writer and story producer based in Los Angeles. I have spent nearly a decade crafting unscripted content for clients such as Viceland, Discovery, PBS, History, and Oxygen. Whether it's a TV show, indie doc, or music video, I love to show characters who live at the fringes of society where the threads of morality and sanity are worn thin, and as a result I'm fascinated by self-proclaimed prophets, utopia-builders, and those striving to reinvent their realities.

For inquires, please contact me at il.midgley@gmail.com