The Creative Element - Credit: Director/Editor. Documentary exploring music tech education in Europe and the United States, funded by Ableton.

Reversing the Mississippi - Credit: Director/DP. Feature-length documentary filmed primarily in rural Missouri and New Orleans, LA over five years. Premiered at New Orleans Film Festival and distributed by PBS World Channel.

In the Company of Legends - Credit: Director/DP. This short documentary was filmed over two years in Los Angeles and Napa Valley and distributed by BuzzBandsLA.

Strong - Credit: Director/DP. Short film documenting the late Devon Strong at his buffalo ranch near Mt. Shasta, CA. Premiered at the American Documentary Film Festival.

Mirror - Credit: Director/DP. Filmed in the abandoned factories of Detroit with portrait artist Kristine Diven. Distributed by online collection

Pioneer - Credit: Director/DP. Filmed in the desert off-grid in rural New Mexico and included as a part of the Vans #livingoffthewall campaign.

Mr. Barnacle - Credit: Director. Filmed at the 826LA tutoring center in Echo Park, Los Angeles for Partcipant Media.

Taidgh ONeill Design - Credit: Director/DP. Short documentary about the young days of Taidgh ONeill's design practice.

Tuka - Credit: Director/DP. Filmed in Detroit with urban gardening activist Kate Devlin AKA Tuka. Premiered at the Sacramento Food Film Festival.