Music Video and Experimental

TV HEADS - 'Chin Up' - Credit: Director/DP. Music video filmed in LA for OIM Records.

JOYOUS WOLF - 'Mississippi Queen' - Credit: Producer. Music video filmed in LA for Atlantic Records.

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - 'Thills' (spec video) - Credit: Director/DP.

TV Heads - 'Flower District' - Credit: Director/DP. Music video filmed at their old studio on skid row Los Angeles for OIM Records.

Video Portraits

A series of meditative video art pieces made early in Ian’s documentary career: each video is a portrait of a concept, tying together an environment in the present with an abstracted audio track. Together the visual and aural elements form an idea that stands alone outside of the physical reality captured on camera.

Salvation documents the world of the late Leonard Knight, a renowned folk artist. The film delves into the mind of this religious fanatic who dedicated half his life to spreading the gospel through art in the harsh desert of the Salton Sea.

Perfect pairs the idyllic imagery and high function of a wind farm on the outskirts of Palm Springs with the audio of Jesse Owen, the famed African-American olympic gold medalist who crushed his opponents at the Nazi Berlin games in 1936.

It Was Great explores the strange past of the Salton Sea, the largest lake in California that quickly turned from celebrity vacation destination to polluted abomination.

Semper Fidelis is a personal piece. The film was made on Ian's Grandfather’s street: John Lytwynec was a WWII Marine who worked most of his life in a factory to support his 5 children while battling trauma from disturbing personal losses in the war. Midgley uses the symbolic trumpet of the military to signify moments from his Grandfather’s daily life, as the trumpet also signifies daily activities for the Marines. The video also ruminates on the warmth, tragedy, and regularity of his life by quietly looking at the details of his street and a shuttered factory he once worked in.